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Recently sold: Tapiovaara Pirkka table, chairs, bench. Tibergaard teak desk, Illum Wikkels√ł rocking chair. Hans Wegner teak bed, Georg Jensen coffee table, Gudme table, Ercol Cow Horn Chairs, Niels Koefoeds Eva Chairs, Nils Jonsson dining set, Ladderax, John & Sylvia Reid, Habitat Forum II sofa, Frem Rojle dining set, Ercol, Johannes Andersen chairs, Stag C Range chest of drawers, Clausen & Son sideboard, Mogens Kold chest of drawers, Ladderax, Niels Moller chairs, Ole Wanscher rocking chair, Gunni Oman sideboard, Bramin sideboard, Beithcraft organic sideboard, Kofod Larsen, Arne Jacobsen chairs, Hans Wegner chairs, Kai Kristiansen rosewood chairs.